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The Habit Framework™ - The Secret of Changing Disempowering Habits and Building the New Empowering Ones

5 Box Leadership Development Model ™ deals with core leadership competencies with concrete post training support.

Sandip Shirsat

Sandip Shirsat is the creator of the “5 Box Leadership Development Model”. This leadership model is used in ‘Executive Coaching’ for CEOs, CFOs, HR professionals, etc. to develop leadership skills. This is one of the powerful and result-oriented leadership development models. It is based on consciousness, identity, personal mastery, team building, and execution. There are three pillars of this “5 Box Leadership Development Model” - NLP, Mindfulness & System Thinking. 

Our Contribution To Leadership Coaching!

Reflective Thinking Model™

The Reflective Thinking Model is the Most Powerful and Result-driven Coaching framework used by the Topmost Executive Coaches Worldwide to assist clients in transforming their Personal and Professional Life.

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